>> The acquisition price of new artists is still defined by local realities in a world that becomes increasingly global and hyper connected. In addition, there are markets that consume more art and culture, and others that consume less. This variation is still a reflection of the non-linear cultural, social and economic maturity by which nations have developed.


However, this is a reality that tends to stabilize equally among the consuming portion of each nation. That is, soon, the percentage of people who will be potential and regular consumers of art and culture will be closer than they have been in the past.


This will make the most similar prices, even from new local artists, as is already the case with international ones, creating a global market among art consumers, and changing the current model of galleries.


Small local galleries will be capturing, large will become multinationals and averages tend to disappear if they act without collaboration. This is already happening all over the world.


The closure and breakage of galleries within this specific "size" has been enormous over the past 10 years around the world - its structures are TOO BIG for globalization-based price warfare and TOO SMALL to play a global role model.


 The only alternative they have is to collaborate and be GLOCAL, that is, to act LOCALLY in their
BASES OF ORIGIN to capture new TALENTS in their own yards and act in a GLOBAL way in the creation of NEW MARKETS and search for new COLLECTORS and trainers of opinion. The most important players in this market.




>> ARTYOUREADY is a COLLABORATIVE / MULTICULTURAL space that gathers galleries of a smaller market in a structure internationally located in more developed art markets, where are the
PLAYERS GLOBAL and where, alone, it would not be impossible to COMPETE.


A central office provides all departments and INTELLIGENCE in the necessary support areas, with these costs divided and joining forces between galleries to structure a new market - a
REPLICABLE FRANCHISING model that attracts many investors and entrepreneurs in a market that spends $ 60 billion to year in the world.


The galleries that are part of the initiative are no longer enemies! They are contributors and competitors.



>> We are creating a bigger, more democratic and accessible art market through a replicable platform of cooperation and collaboration between galleries, structured on a tripod of macro-action, COLLABORATION, GLOBALIZATION and HYPERCONNECTIVITY, considerably increasing the market, quantity of people who produce and consume art, the exchange between different local markets, the average ticket and the total value negotiated.


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